About Inflectioneers

We are a small, friendly and multi-disciplinary AI studio. We are thought leaders and experts across Artificial Intelligence, Engineering, Product Design, Trust & Safety, and Business Operations.

How We Work

We work in a hybrid model.

During the week we’re in the office on a flexible basis, often a few days per week. We are currently hiring in Palo Alto and London, although we do sometimes make exceptions. Every 7th week, we convene together in person as a company to brainstorm, bond and build.

We value excellence and ownership.

Our organizational structure focuses on individual responsibilities rather than management hierarchies. Everyone is expected to lead by doing. We are big believers in the unreasonable effectiveness of highly talented Individual Contributors who are given all the resources, space and ownership to move fast and deliver outstanding results.

Teamwork and generosity
are at our core.

Our culture celebrates positive challenges, asking questions, learning and actively supporting one another. This mentality of shared respect and purposeful teamwork is key to our success. We equally value all technical and non-technical contributions.

Constructive disagreement
is essential.

We appreciate when team members challenge assumptions, put forward new ideas, or encourage us to move faster or slower. Openness, honesty and kindness make us great.

Feedback is our ground truth.

We have a tight feedback loop between the user experience and our AI creation process. Quantitative and qualitative data drives our priorities. This goes for internal culture too. Everyone has ownership and visibility into key decisions and progress.

Writing creates accountability.

Whether on internal communication tools or in team memos, we are strong communicators with a special focus on the written word.

We deeply value time to reset
outside of work.

We encourage one another to constantly take time to recharge and always focus on maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


Engineering at Inflection

We are a vertically integrated AI studio. This means that our entire technology stack – from large foundational model pre-training to the user interface – is built in-house, with each of the components co-optimized to deliver the best AI experiences. We have built one of the most advanced large language models in the world, based on multiple novel and proprietary innovations.

We believe in scale as the engine of progress in AI, and we are building one of the largest supercomputers in the world to develop and deploy the new generation of AIs.

We wear multiple hats and don’t distinguish between engineering and research. We continuously explore and exploit, creating new and perfecting existing techniques and solutions. User feedback is our North Star.



We offer generous benefits to ensure a positive, safe, inclusive and inspiring work environment for all Inflectioneers.

  • Generous medical, dental and vision plans
  • Access to an Employee Assistance Program with unlimited resource support
  • Physical office space in Palo Alto and London, along with reimbursements for work from home expenses and co-working spaces
  • Unlimited paid time off
  • Parental leave and flexibility for all parents and caregivers
  • Compliance with country-specific benefits for international employees
  • Visa sponsorship for new hires
  • Avenues for personal growth such as coaching, conference attendance, or specific trainings

Diversity & Inclusion

We are building personal AIs that we hope will serve everyone. We are deeply committed to representing the full extent of the human experience inside our AI studio. This means that everyone from any walk of life is welcome if you have the right skills. We populate diverse candidate pools for all open roles.


Interview Process

Apply: Please apply on our website for a specific role.

Interview: Interviews at Inflection proceed in two stages. When possible, we strive to do interviews in person.

  • First, you will have an initial conversation with the Hiring Contact or a Recruiter.
  • Following that, you will do up to 5 interviews with the team. Technical roles will do at least 2 deep technical screens, which comprise programming exercises, AI exercises, and general technical interviews. We might also invite you to do a take-home exercise or give a presentation. For a non-technical role, please prepare for a role-specific interview such as a portfolio review.

Decision: We strive to get back to you within one week from your final interview.

Open Roles