The new Inflection: An important change to how we’ll work

Palo Alto, CA – March 19, 2024

From day one at Inflection, we’ve been driven by a simple mission: to create a personal intelligence for everyone. To do this, we trained one of the best LLMs in the world, and created our first personal AI, Pi, which couples extraordinary EQ with industry leading IQ, and is now used by millions of people a week.

As an AI studio we have long planned to make our technology available to developers and enterprises. And over the last year, we’ve heard countless times that people haven’t been able to replicate the unique conversational style of Pi with publicly available models, and would love to get access to our model and fine tuning infrastructure. There is a huge opportunity for Inflection here.

Our plan going forward is to lean into our AI studio business, where custom generative AI models are crafted, tested and fine tuned for commercial customers. Our success at training, tailoring and improving the performance of large AI models makes us uniquely well placed to be the AI platform for businesses around the world.

As part of this, we’re thrilled to announce that we will now host Inflection-2.5 on Microsoft Azure helping us get it into the hands of creators everywhere. We’ll also be ensuring it comes to other cloud hosting platforms in the near future. The API itself isn’t available today, but will be up and running very soon. To sign up for early access and help us test it, please register your interest here. Between API access and select high-level partnerships with great customers, our AIs can now spread to even larger new user bases while helping put cutting-edge AI capabilities in the hands of thousands of developers.

This renewed emphasis on our API also comes with some important changes in the company. Today we are also announcing that two of our three co-founders, Mustafa and Karén, will be leaving Inflection to start Microsoft AI, a new division at Microsoft that will bring together their consumer AI efforts, as well as Copilot, Bing and Edge. We’re grateful for all their amazing work in getting Inflection to this stage, and wish them luck for this new chapter.

We are delighted to welcome a new CEO, Sean White, who has decades of experience working at the cutting edge of technology, research and business. He is a visionary leader poised to take Inflection into this new era. Our third co-founder, Reid Hoffman will continue on our board and remains excited to take these next steps in building personal intelligence for everyone.

We are hugely proud of what we’ve achieved with Pi. There will be no immediate changes to the service and we’re committed to ensuring that users get ongoing access to great AI experiences in the future. Our privacy and data policies to ensure users are protected remain in place and unchanged. As ever, no data will be shared with any third parties without users' explicit consent.