An Inflection point

Palo Alto, CA – March 8, 2023

Palo Alto, CA, March 8, 2023 – For all of computer history, we have had to learn the language of computers. With the coming wave of AI, computers will learn to speak ours. They will interact with us in fluent natural language, radically changing the computing interface and ultimately the relationship we have with the digital world.    Soon, most of our digital interactions will take the shape of conversations. The world’s knowledge will be available to everyone in a succinct, interactive and friendly style. We’ll each have a supportive and empathetic personal AI that’ll help us dream, create, learn, solve, plan and get things done.    Today we are announcing the release of the first version of Pi, your personal AI – a supportive and compassionate AI that is eager to talk about anything at any time.    Pi stands for “personal intelligence” because it provides infinite knowledge based on your unique interests and needs.    Pi can be a coach, confidante, creative partner or sounding board. While this is just our first version and we still have a long way to go, we hope that in time Pi will soon be able to provide support across many areas of life including as a tutor and a personal assistant.    This is a genuinely transformational shift; perhaps as consequential as the arrival of the Internet itself. We stand at a crossroads of modern technology, an inflection point, and a moment where a responsible, safety-first approach matters more than ever.    This is why we decided to make Inflection a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). It means we have a legal obligation to run our AI studio in a way that balances the financial interests of stockholders, the best interests of people materially affected by our activities, and the promotion of our specific public benefit purpose. That purpose is to “develop products and technologies that harness the power of AI to improve human well-being and productivity, whilst respecting individual freedoms, working for the common good and ensuring our products widely benefit current and future generations”.    PBC’s are a new type of corporation. They were only created a few years ago and they certainly do not solve all the limitations of the traditional corporations. But they are a modest step in the right direction. This is how change happens, and we’re committed to always doing our best to be at the forefront of this process.    That commitment is fundamental to the culture we are trying to build here at Inflection: one that is always seeking feedback and critical reflection, focused on constant adaptation and steady improvement.    It’s really important to underscore this point. Innovating at the cutting edge means we won’t always get things right. Stumbling should make Inflection smarter, fairer and more resilient, and therefore better able to serve those affected by what we do. That’s how we intend to operate. Being a PBC enables us to set out with a purposeful intention and keep our values top of mind as we embark on this exciting journey.    The era of AI is here and with it comes an extraordinary responsibility to build radically helpful tools which help us all be the best we can be.